Slurry pump parts painting process

What is the process of painting slurry pump parts?

Because the slurry pump from the production of the factory have a lot of details, someone asked about the slurry pump parts paint the problem, so we are on this process to explain

The process of painting slurry pump parts has the following steps

I. Pretreatment

1, all castings, forgings, profiles, can be shot, sand blasting method

Remove the oxide skin on the metal surface and the remaining attachments after casting, forging and rolling

Mechanical, pneumatic and hand tools can also be used for grinding to remove the flying edge, burr and attachment produced in the processing process

Clean the polished product with compressed air or other methods

2, for welding parts of the welding joint to use mechanical, manual and other tools

Remove welding slag, spatter and machining after flying edge, burr

Clean the product with compressed air or other methods

Two, environmental requirements

1. The suitable temperature for painting is above 5℃, and the relative humidity of the environment is less than RH70%

If the temperature is lower than 5 ° C, raise the ambient temperature to solve the problem. However, paint is not allowed at a temperature lower than 5 ° C

In order to avoid affecting the paint quality, the relative humidity of the environment is >RH70%

Should add appropriate moisture-proof agent in the paint to ensure the paint quality

2, outdoor work should avoid in the wind, dust, rain, snow or rain before the construction of direct sunlight

Three, the construction process of painting

1. Apply the first coat of primer

The first coat of primer must be applied within 2 hours after the product surface treatment is qualified

2, paint the surface treatment

(1) Smooth the joint joints of the parts and the uneven convex parts on the surface of the parts

② Remove oil stains, dust and dirt on the surface of the first primer with gasoline or other cleaners and clean cotton yarn

(3) If the first layer of primer cracks, paint film shedding phenomenon

The cracking and shedding parts must be cleaned off and a new coat of primer applied

3. Apply a second coat of primer

Dilute the primer with thinner and stir well. Use a strainer to remove paint, particles and impurities

After passing the inspection, apply the second coat of primer

4. Wipe putty on the surface

The surface of domestic products generally do not wipe putty, but the surface of the pit, must be filled with putty

5. Paint the surface

When spraying process is adopted, the spraying apparatus must be kept clean. The finish paint shall be diluted with the prescribed thinner and two coats of finish paint shall be applied

The second coat of paint must be applied after the first coat has completely dried

The above is the CNSME painting workshop technical staff after the summary of experience

Hope to help you solve the problem of slurry pump painting

Post time: 2023-04-24