Horizontal Rubber Lined Slurry Pump SH/25B

Short Description:

Pump output: 25mm

Pressure: 6- 68m

Capacity: 12.6- 28.8m3 / h

Pump speed: 1200- 3800ob/min

Maximum efficiency (h): 0.4

Maximum engine power: 15kw

Maximum size of solid: 14mm

NPSHR: 2- 4m

Number of blades: 5 PCS.

Working wheel diameter: 152mm

Pump body material: grey cast iron

Flow part material: high chromium alloy with high chromium content 27%

Manufacturing time: 7 days (in stock)

Product Detail

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Description: description:

Sludge pump sh /25 is alanog varman pump 1.5/1b-ah.

This pump has a metal running part.

The material of the running part is wear-resistant chrome cast iron, very similar to ich28h2.

This pump is often used to pump abrasive solutions.

The pressure tube may be located

With intervals of 45 degrees on demand and direction to any of 8

Items for more convenient installation and application.

Type of compaction of the shaft:

* saloon seal;

* experimental compaction;

* Mechanical compaction;

Scope of application

Tailings, heavy mine, gold disposal, cyclone power, paper industry, abrasive sludge, processing plant, mineral treatment, waste disposal

Curve characteristic   


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