AF Series High-chrome Alloy Vertical Froth Pump Deliver Foam Transfer Pump

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AF series foam pump is a new generation product developed by our factory on the basis of absorbing foreign advanced technology, widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, chemical and other departments.Suitable for conveying abrasive slurry containing foam, this series of pumps can effectively eliminate the foam in slurry when working.In the case of insufficient incoming materials can still work normally, especially suitable for a variety of flotation process, is the ideal product for conveying foam slurry.

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Important design features of this range of CNSME Form Pumps include:

  • Double casing structure
  • High efficiency
  • Wear resistant
  • Excellent performance
  • Easy assembly & disassembly
  • Without any shaft seal and sealing water

1. This type of pump is used in sp-type bearing assembly. The bearing body is installed with a motor seat or an electric frame, which can be directly or indirectly driven.

2, the material box is made of steel structure or stainless steel, steel lined with rubber, with tangential inlet and overflow box, overflow box can be convenient to send the excess incoming material back to the material pool, tangential import can make the material quickly into the pump and eliminate part of the foam.

3, the pump head structure for the double pump shell structure, according to the different transmission media, the flow parts can be used: metal, rubber, or other non-metallic materials.

Drive Type: DC direct transmission, BD vertica/ horizontall belt transmission and other types.


AF froth pump have a vertical shaft configuration, and comprise a hopper, with vertical Bearing Assembly, and Type ‘SF’ pump wet-end. They feature a wide choice of replaceable abrasion resistant metal or moulded elastomer casing liners and Impellers.



This series pump can enough destroy slurry froth in working.In lack of material situation,also can natural working .

This pump particular suitable for all kinds of flotation technological flowsheet.



AF Series High-chrome Alloy Vertical Froth Pump Deliver Foam Transfer Pump 0




ModelSF-50QV (2QV-AF)
Rated Motor Power15Kw
Max. Efficiency45%



Pump ModelCapacity (m3/h)Head (m)Speed (r/min)Eff. (%)Installed with power(kw)Diameter

Froth Pump Construction:

Tank feeding froth pump




Our Froth Pumps projects:


AF series froth pump widely used in metallurgical, mining,coal and chemical sector.suitable to transport

corrosive slurry containing froth.


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