Vertical Froth Metal Grout Mixer Pump

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Type SF are vertical froth pumps designed to increase the pumpability of frothy slurry, to minimize the entrainment of air in the slurry, and to maximize venting of air in the sump, suction and pump. The principle of operation is similar to that of hydrocyclone separation. Froth pumps, also known as foam pumps, are a kind of vertical tank slurry pumps. They are used for flotation process where froth is innevitable. The material of froth pump wet end parts is also the long known A05, but for the tank, we can coat the steel tank with natural rubber based on your special requirement.

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Material:A05 High Chrome AlloyType:SF/100RV
Application:Flotation ProcessTheory:Centrifugal
Efficiency:Max. 55Color:Bule
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grout mixer pump

mining slurry pump

Vertical Froth Pump Used For Feeding Tank , Grouting Metal Froth Pump






Rated Motor Power37Kw
Max. Efficiency55%



Construction of Froth Pump:

Tank feeding froth pump


Materials of Construction:


Part DescriptionMaterial
Volute LinerA05- High Chromium Alloy
ImpellerA05- High Chromium Alloy
Spiral ThroatbushA05- High Chromium Alloy
CasingsCast Iron
ShaftCarbon Steel
TankMild Steel



A05 Chemical Components:


A05 Material


Performance Curve:


Vertical Froth Metal Grout Mixer Pump For Feeding Tank 4 Inch 37Kw 2



Projects with SF Frothy Pumps:

foamy and frothy pumps


SME Forth Pump Orders:


Vertical Froth Metal Grout Mixer Pump For Feeding Tank 4 Inch 37Kw 4


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