40PV-SP Under liquid slurry pump

Short Description:


Matching power P(kw):1.1-15

Capacity Q(m3/h):17.2-43.2

Head H(m):4-28.5

Speed n(r/min):1000-2200


Impeller dia.(mm):188


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SP(R) series heavy duty cantilever sump slurry pumps are designed for the fluid in the sump or pit when the normal waste vertical pump not handling, it is the vertical centrifugal slurry pump. 40PV SP rubber vertical spindle pump does not have submerged bearings or seals, thus, eliminating the primary failure mechanism for similarly fielded pump lines. Wet parts of SP vterical slurry pumps can be made of hyperchrom alloy, rubber and polyurethane material.

Vertical Cantilever Spindle Slurry Pump Characteristic:

1. Vertical,Submerged,Cantilevered shaft sump slurry pump can generally into the pool or pit to. work,used to transport abrasive, coarse particle, high concentration slurry.2. Don't need any shaft seal and shaft seal water, in the inhaled volume insufficient conditions they. can also work normally.3. Bearing Assembly of Vertical Slurry Pump: The bearings, shaft and housing are generously proportioned to avoid problems associated with the operation of cantilevered shafts in the first critical speed zones.

4. Impeller of Vertical Cantilever Spindle Slurry Pump is unique double suction impellers; fluid flow enters the top as well as the bottom. This design eliminates shaft seals and reduces thrust load on the bearings.

5. Snap in elastomer strainers fit in column openings to prevent overly large particles and unwanted refuse from entering casing of the vertical spindle slurry pump.

Vertical Slurry Pumps Installation Types:

DC: The motor mounting base is set above the bearing assembly,so it is easy to replace or repair the motor parts.

BD: A V-Belt is used to connect the motor shaft and the pump shaft.The motor support frame is installed above the bearing assembly,allowing easy replacement of grooved wheels.The purpose of swapping grooved wheels is to change the rotary speed of the pump shaft in order to suit varing pumping applications or conform to the worn-down sump pump.

40PV SP Rubber Vertical Cantilever Spindle Slurry Pump Applications:

Vertical spindle sump slurry pump is widely used in feeding slurries to the hydrocyclone or pressure filter in the mining industry,froth flotation,minerals recycling,mine dewatering,flue gas desulphurization in power plant,coal washing,metallurgy,pulp and paper manufacture and chemical engineering.

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